Sunday, January 25, 2015

Start where you are

One minute sketch  
It's easy and you'll need the minimal investment.
You can even start with what you have, a notebook and pencil.
This I find to be the easy way, just use what you have. If you've done some drawing or painting in the past, just dig out some materials, somthing to draw om and something to draw with.
Start where you are, yes, right there. Just look at your table. If you are like me, it's kind of messy. Lot's of staff. Let your eyes wander. Choose one or two objects and look, really LOOK at them. All man made object are one of this 3 shapes: round, square/ rectangular, or triangular.
Once you've determined the basic shape just draw it on your paper/ napkin/ newspaper.
make the shape the same proportion with the object then follow the outside shape of the object with your eyes and let your hand/pencil translate it on the paper. Keep your line light. You may draw without looking or just picking at the paper.
Here you have it your first sketch!

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