Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Last sketches done at the Art Fair in San Miguel de Allende

This are few more sketches I'll like to share with you, all done here and there during the last weekend art and crafts fair in San Miguel de Allende, Gto., México.
I hope they inspire you to start skating yourself.

Sketching is a personal thing, you do not need to share it with no one.
You can use it just to relax and let go,
as a first stage of a painting,
to enhance your travel around the World,
It is different from a photograph, I do love photography, (and take MANY photos, print them and sell them) but sketching provides a deeper observation of live, a way to engage the outer world and to internalize it and express it almost like designing reality.

Shoppers and vendors
The couple in the center is sketch together 2-3 min.
The other 2 characters are added independently,
1 min sketchings.
By Cristiana, of Cristi Fer Art Studio
San Miguel de Allende

Shoppers choosing merchandise
1-2 min sketch
by Cristiana of Cristi Fer Art Studio
San Miguel de Allende

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