Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sketching people in the market

At time a create a composite, sketching several subjects on the same page, I am not very picky about this type of sketching. Who ever is in front of me a sketch when I am not busy selling or talking to people passing by my art. I am never board! Also sketching give one so much inspiration and new topics!
I LOVE shapes! This is the essence of any painting or sketch . The interaction / or negative space, fascinates me, later came the color, well depend.
First I get interested in the shapes , when I paint I start with color which represent mood, personal experience, time of day, season. The the color and shapes blend into an expression of whatever the painting wants to be.
An example of a composite.
When I sketched I used whatever part of the page I had available.
No thought for composition, even though I could have kept it in mind.
The figure on the far left took less the 5 sec since she walked away
The man in traditional hat/ a vendor, was in front of me for some time but he
removed the hat, and turn around, not standing still much,
so i had to capture details here and there.
Sketch by Cristiana of Cristi Fer Art Studio
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The sketch of this 3 shoppers was done one at a time since they were not together.
I spent 1-2 min on each of the shoppers.
Sketch by Cristiana of Cristi Fer Art Studio,
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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