Sketching Materials

Well it can be anything you can draw with and draw on.
A basic list to get you started:
- Sketch book. A size it's easy for you to carry around without saying "Oh my God, it's so heavy! And it takes so much space in by backpack or purse!!!"
I use one that is 6" x 8", If you plan to use watercolor or watercolor pencils use a sketch book that says on the cover "all medias"
- Pencils/ sketch pencils B, 2B, 4B, 6B
- Graphite pencil
- Sharpie
- Water base markers
- Pastels
- Oil Pastels / Oil Pen
- Watercolor/ travel kit
- 2 BIG clips/ to hold the pages down in case of wind

Other useful things
A folding chair
Camera/ I pod

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