1.       My basic staff:
a.       folding chair,
b.      sketchbook,
c.       2 big clips (to hold my pages down and my sharpie while I move around and decide on a spot)
d.      Some oil pencils (or oil pastels)
2.       Start with short sketches less than 1. Min
I do it just to warm up, and get familiar with the subject, or the feel of the area
3.       Sketch for up to 15 min. Start with the big shapes, fast and light lines, even when drawing with a sharpie
4.       Look at the relationships between the big shapes, negative space, then go back and ad details

5.       Decide if I want to add color and in which media, pastel, crayons, color pencils, watercolor
I added just a hint of color with oil pencils just to give the feeling of the place

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